Sep 16, 2011

Rapunzel Rapunzel Let Down Your Hair (or not)-A real mommy moment

I posted previously about my frustration with the Rapunzel doll and her rats nest of hair.  I had a bunch of wonderful comments with suggestions of how to get it un"tangled".  I put them to the test but to no avail-that hair was so knotted and twisted it was just not coming out.  So I asked small fry if I should cut it and she said yes so that it could be short like her hair.  I asked 3 times to make sure and each time she answered yes and so....
behold Rapunzel with a new hair style and Brittany I did pause for half a second with the first snip to see if it would all go dark and it didn't-total bummer cause that would have been so cool.  I am sure there are some moms gasping that I could do such a thing and probably I should have just taken better care of it in the first place but let me just tell you that I have no time for such things.  When we first got this doll (bless you my brother) I spent plenty of time combing and braiding her hair but it always got messed up again and I so I had to just let it go and let it be what it would be.  Barbie hair is not on my priority list and to be honest my daughter has played more with Rapunzel with the short hair do than she did with the mop of frizz.  I have learned as a mom that you can't keep the toys perfect forever (why did you buy them if that was the intention) so why waste your energy.  Yes I don't want things trashed but if the kids are playing with them then why do I need to stress if all the little parts are still there or are lost, or if all the playdough colors get mixed together or if the doll is wearing some other dolls clothes or none at all.  I am letting it go and whacking off any frizzy hair that gets in my way and I am not wasting any more energy on it.  The end.
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  1. My daughter frequently cut her Barbie doll hair. Evidently she thought that some should be boys (she did have a Ken doll but didn't like him much). So she chopped away and I figured these are her toys not mine so if she wanted them to have short hair then so be it. She is now 13 and we laugh at her hair cutting abilities. I believe there are better things to spend your time on then what children do to their toys! P.S. I like the short hair since I have short hair too.

  2. Yes I did gasp! I can't believe you got your daughter to agree to it! Your skills of reasoning must be far superior to mine! I did laugh at the 'waiting for the hair to turn brown' moment, too cute. I'm sure it will happen eventually for me too... possibly.

  3. Nice job! I might have to do that to our doll too! Don't sweat the small stuff! That's what I say!

  4. I'll be looking for a diy dye your barbie's hair post soon! LOL. This was a great post, I got a really good laugh from it. LOVE your blog :-D


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