Oct 12, 2011

Halloween Candy Wreath

It is brilliant and random how I am getting inspiration these days for projects.  I am so grateful that I am getting inspiration but it just comes at really strange times.  Like this project-I was changing the empty roll of toilet paper and putting on a new one and I had a vision pop in my head of a piece of candy wrapped in plastic made from said toilet paper roll.  I tried a number of attempts before I came up with a method that I loved.  These are so easy and so cute-you too will want to have a stash of empty toilet paper rolls (I'm already planning a Christmas version).
  For this project you will need:
A number of toilet paper rolls (depends on how big your wreath is or what you want to make with these but at least 6).
Fabric scraps
Cotton batting
Spray adhesive
Cellophane wrap (I used wrap that was packaging other things in my craft room-like the tissue paper wrapper, the wrapper from some laminating sheets).
A embossing gun (the dryer you use for embossing- a hair dryer might work too though I am not sure if it gets as hot)
 Step 1: Divide your roll into 7 sections (no-of course you don't measure-you should know that by now).  Using an Exacto knife, cut a slit at each marking, then using a sharp pair of scissors cut all the way around to get separate little circles.
 Step 2: Cut a rectangular piece of fabric (it needs to be long enough to fold around the circle and wide enough to cover the sides of the circle one folded over).
 Step 3: Spray the adhesive spray in the center of the fabric, lay the circle down and then stuff with a tiny bit of batting.
 Step 4: Spray the batting and fold over one side of the fabric, spray another bit of adhesive spray, then fold over the other side (don't fold too tight).
 Step 5: Trim the sides if they are too long so that they barely stick out over the circle.
 Step 6: Cut a large square of cellophane.
 Step7: Place the bundle in the center of the cellophane.
 Step8: Fold the sides over so they overlap and wrap the "candy" piece.
 Step 9: Twist the cellophane wrap on one side (like on an actual piece of candy).  Then while it is still twisted, blow the embossing gun on it to melt it slightly so that it will hold in place on it's own.  You need to heat it up good for it to stick (well I guess it depends on what you are using for packaging).  Repeat on the other side.
 It should look like this when you are done.  On it's own it isn't that brilliant but...
 put a bunch of them in bowl and they suddenly become totally awesome.
 Or hot glue them to a wreath and you have the perfect decoration for "candy day."

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  1. Can I just tell you how much I love this? The colors are fun and I really like how it's not real candy bc my kids would rip the candy off anyway! I can't wait to see your Christmas one! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Brilliant! This turned out SO CUTE! I also LOVE the chosen colors! Great job-thanks so much for sharing!!! :)



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