Oct 27, 2011

Hoo's Hiding -Owl Birthday Week Day 4

For my pumpkins birthday party I wanted to do a hidden owls type game.  I had originally thought about sewing a bunch of small owls but when I started that project I instantly realized it would be way more work than it was worth.  So after some trial and error I came up with these: mini paper bag hoots.
They are made from a regular lunch sack paper bag only cut down about 3-4 inches at an angle (to form a point).  I fused some fabric to the front for the belly (using heavy duty Wonder Under) then I stuffed the bag with a piece of newspaper.  I folded the top of the bag over and stapled it to form the head of the owl.
 Then I added eyes and a beak.  I love how these look like they have so much attitude.  They were so quick and easy to make (and would be even faster if you had a circle punch or two to help). 
 I think I made a least a dozen.  The plan is to hide them all over the backyard for the littler kids to find.  They can keep one if they want or we can just hide them again and play again.  The game is meant for little kids (under age 3) so these won't be terribly hard to find but they are kind of sneaky.
See what I mean.

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  1. I love this idea! So cute. If you wanted to do gift bags, these would make great ones as well!


  2. I like the way you photographed the owls hiding. Cute craft and cute idea!


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