Oct 24, 2011

Hoo's Turning 2- Owl Birthday Week Day 1

This little girl is turning 2 on Halloween and she is as spunky as can be.  She is also not into anything in particular except trying to be miss independent.  So when it came to birthday themes I had no idea what I was going to do this year.  Then as luck would have it I had to go to the dentist and what was sitting there on the coffee table in the waiting room but a Family Fun magazine with the cutest owl birthday cake ever.  If there is ever a plus to going to the dentist this was it for me.  The lights went on and I knew that we had to have an owl themed party.
This is the invitation for the party (well actually this is the box for the invite).  I got the idea from here but made mine larger.
 It holds the invite that I made on matte board that my uncle gave me.
 Aren't they darling?  I love this picture because the center owl seems to be saying, "stand back friends, the spot light is all mine."

Stay tuned this week for more fabulous owl birthday ideas.  My mom collected owls from before I was born-she was so ahead of her time.  The owl is totally the in thing right now.  I might just have to start a collection of my own.
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