Oct 14, 2011

Marathon Conditioning

I am not here today because I am conditioning for my big "marathon" tomorrow.  I am cleaning out and reorganizing my purse, making shopping lists, organizing a timeline of stores to hit, and doing sprints while pushing a shopping cart (I thought I would practice this at the local grocery store-oughta raise an eyebrow or two).    Enjoy your weekend-I know I sure will be enjoying mine.  I'll share my best finds with you next week.

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  1. Seriously excited to see what you find. Also, this is the only kind of marathon I would ever want to run! LOL

  2. Hi Heather! Hope you're having fun shopping!
    I'm passing The Most Versatile Blog Award on to you. You're the first person I thought of.
    Stop by my site to check it out. Thanks!


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