Dec 20, 2011

A handy mini cupcake tip

Not like I am the genius to first come up with this but just in case I wanted to share.  I wanted to make some mini cupcakes for our neighbor cookie plates and I needed a method that was going to be mess free.  I didn't have any piping bags on hand and I didn't want the mess of using a plastic bag so I decided to use a small squeeze bottle (bought it in the wedding cake section of walmart) that I cut the tip off of to fill my cupcake liners.  You can control the amount, you can set it upright when you don't need batter to be pouring out and it I didn't have any drips on the pan or counter as I worked.  (Cake batter taste tester is purely optional)

 It was also really nice because I was able to keep the amount in each liner about even and therefore all my little cakes were about the same size.  I used triple chocolate cake mix that I mixed crushed candy canes and a drop of peppermint oil into. 
The cakes were topped with this heavenly stuff.  It is kind of marshmallowy and kind of meringue like.  I tinted it pink and added another drop of peppermint oil.  Yummy little bites of mint chocolate marshmallow goodness.  P.S. this is my new favorite frosting recipe.  So pretty and not sickening sweet.  I love how fluffy it is. 
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  1. Hi, unfortunately I do not speak English but the pictures are great. nice christmas wishes and affectionate greetings from bavaria sabine

  2. your cookie platters looks divine. I want one. We are planning on doing the candy cane snow balls on christmas day. so excited to try them. -tovs


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