Jan 5, 2012

For Your Home or Office-Desk Calender Holder Getting Organized Part 1

This project was inspired by my mom who has the most fabulous counter space one could ever want.  The only problem is that said counter space is always covered in piles of stuff.  The last time I was home I thought, "this lady needs some organizing/beautifying of this space."  Something that could make it more of an official "officey" type space and not so cluttered.  I came up with a few ideas of easy things one could make to beautify your office-whether is be an official office or a desk at home. 
The first item is a large desk calender holder.  I love these big calenders because they give you enough space to make multiple notes and are easy to read from a distance.  I found this one at Target for $1.00 (yep-a steal of a deal). 
1 large desk calender
2 pieces of fabric one inch larger (both height and width) of the calender NOTE: I am not including a specific size because these calenders are made in a wide range of sizes.  NOTE #2: I have 3 other parts to this set so if you want them all to coordinate then buy a yard of fabric so that you will have enough for everything.
8 squares of fabric 4 1/2" x 4 1/2"
1 piece of Pellon extra firm stabilizer (the stiff as a board kind) 1/2 an inch smaller than your fabric pieces (again both height and width wise).

 1. To begin cut your fabric (2 layers of it) 1 inch bigger than your calender both directions.  If you want more of the backing to show on the final product then cut the fabric 2 inches bigger in both directions. 
 2. Cut your fabric squares.  I cut mine through a double thickness of fabric so I was able to get 8 squares by cutting 4 sets.  Put the squares together (wrong sides together) to get 4.
 3.  Press squares corner to corner to make triangles.
 4. On only one thickness of the large fabric piece pin the triangle pieces (now on referred to as the corner flaps) to each corner.
 5.  Sew along the sides of the corner flaps at 1/8" to secure these in place.  Sew all for corner flaps this way.
 6. Pin both large pieces right sides together.
 7.  Sew around 3 sides of the large pieces leaving one side open (mine happened to be one of the long sides but it doesn't really matter which).
 8.  Before turning right side out trim the fabric around the corners to reduce bulk.
 9.  Turn the entire project right sides out making sure to have the corner flaps all facing the same direction and not folded over the opening (so if this corner flap was folded the other way the opening would be tucked inside and you don't want that).  Iron everything flat.
 10.  Now take your piece of ultra firm stabilizer and slide it in between the two fabric layers.  Because you cut it smaller it should slide in with no problem and will not reach right to the edges of the calender holder and that is what you want-if it is too tight it will cause the entire thing to bubble (trust me and my trash bin). 
 11.  Now (and I just barely learned this and am thanking the directions on said ultra firm stabilizer for it) but the best way to iron this to your fabric is to iron on the fabric side directly on top of the stabilizer adhesive side.  I had always ironed on the back of the stabilizer (which wouldn't work for this project anyway) instead of on the fabric side (and you are all probably so much smarter than me) but it works brilliantly if you iron on the fabric side instead.  So iron on the fabric side that is directly on top of the adhesive side of the stabilizer to attach it to one of the pieces of fabric. (that was way too much explaining in one paragraph-hope I didn't lose anyone).
 12. Now using your iron press a 1/4 inch down on the open edge on both sides.
 13.  Pin it together and then sew around the entire thing with a 1/8" seam.  NOTE: the corners are bulky and require a little extra nudge to sew over and it is a bit awkward to sew because it is stiff.
 14. Lastly insert your calender and you are set with part one of your desk set.
 Wouldn't these make great gifts for any friend or family member who has an office or a business or a house for that matter.  Quick and easy and cute too.  Stay tuned for a set of hanging file boxes (repurposed cereal boxes), a fabric covered notebook and a basket organizer to complete the set. 
 Happy organizing.  Oh and mom, you don't need to make yourself one.  Yours is on it's way.
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  1. Oh, that is just wonderful. I am so happy. It is a great idea, but you know how things go around here, and I never get anything crafty or cute done. My stash of materials shows that I do start, just don't finish. Thank you my dear for not taking after me.

  2. I love this idea...couldn't it be me to be your Mum ???

    love, Marina.

  3. It totally matches the cereal boxes! It looks great! I bet you mom loved it!


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