Jan 25, 2012

Homemade can rotating system...the upgraded version

After posting this on my blog last week: (a can rotating system made from a soda pop box)
 my friend called and asked if it was able to hold two layers of cans?  She said she had success with one holding two layers of soup cans but wondered if it could hold two layers of canned beans, corn, tomatoes etc.  You know the 15 oz sized cans.  I said it could not but it hadn't even dawned on me that there was probably a way to make it so that it could hold more cans then the 7 that could already fit in it.  So my mind began racing and during nap time I used a soda pop box, some cardboard and a whole lot of duct tape and created this:
It successfully holds 11 cans and rotates pretty darn slick.  I was planning on making my creation into a tutorial as I went but I soon looked at my creation and realized it looked like a 5th grade science project and needed to refine the process and figure out a way to use a lot less duct tape before the tutorial so stay tuned folks. There is hope.
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