Jan 11, 2012

I tried it and...I love it but...

It is really messy so neat freaks beware.  I found this idea via Pinterest to make rainbow colored rice.  The process to make the rice was super easy and the colors turned out so beautiful.  I found a large tote at our local hardware store and then hit the thrift store to find scoops, measuring cups, funnels, shovels etc to put in the tub.  I made the rice box for my little pumpkin for Christmas.

 She loved it and so does big sister small fry and even the cousins.  It is however messy.  Trying to get them to keep all the rice in the box is IMPOSSIBLE.  So I have put it on a hard surface so I can sweep each time after playing and it hasn't been so bad.  Now just recently I found my two girls throwing the rice out by the handful at the wall and that resulted in time out, loss of playground and the box being taken away for a week.  Perhaps my children are just naughtier than most or maybe they are too young for this still.  Not sure.  It is a great idea and much less messy than sand so I do intend to return said box when the confiscation consequence is over.  I guess I will have to keep a closer watch for sure.  Oh and the dye does rub off on cloths.
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  1. Try putting a cheap shower curtain from the dollar store on the floor first before you bring out the rice bin. When play is finished, just pick up the shower curtain and dump it all back I. You still might need to sweep a little, but most of the mess was contained. And don't worry about the throwing rice. I don't think your girls are young for it. They are just exploring and learning. Not sure why the dye is coming off on your hands. Did you use rubbing alcohol when you colored the rice?

    1. I actually have it on our hard flood so it sweeps up easy. I always expect some to be on the floor so I try not to worry. I did use the alcohol when I colored the rice and actually the stuff that was on the girls clothes washed off no problem. I think it was more just dust than color. They still love it. I think it is a good toy, just not good if you are a neat freak.

  2. I saw this on pinterest too and so wanted to do it but now I'm not so sure....maybe as an outside toy? I do like Mama Pickle's idea about the shower curtain though.

  3. How about making it an outdoor toy? If the coloring used is food safe it should be ok for the enviroment. At least throwing rice is not as bad as throwing sand when it comes to getting into the eyes. Next time they throw it maybe you could remove it and give them a throwing toy/game to play and explain that this is what is used for throwing, beanbags, balls, frisbe etc.


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