Jan 16, 2012

Make Monday-Salt and Vinegar Potato Chips

Welcome to Make Monday-a variation of Make Ahead Monday where the recipe is something that you just need to make and eat right away.
There are only a choice few people that think that salt and vinegar potato chips sound heavenly.  SIDENOTE: my husband and I tell each other "I love you like..." at night before we go to bed.  We finish the sentence with something like cookies, cupcakes, going for walks etc. etc.  Usually 2 times out of 7 I say, "I love you like salt and vinegar potato chips" and then add "but don't go and buy me any" because I am likely to eat the whole bag in one sitting.  So when I found this recipe on Pinterest for homemade salt and vinegar potato chips I new I had to try them.  You can find the recipe here.  These did not disappoint in the slightest.  I have no idea what fingerling potatoes are so I just used my regular potatoes.  I cut them by hand and made a double batch.  I could have eaten 2 pans by myself in a matter of minutes except that I was trying to cook something else for dinner at the same time.  I froze mine and they taste fine warmed but are just not as crisp.  I am likely to make a huge batch of these monthly.  I can feel a bit better eating them instead of the greasy fried ones.  My mouth is watering as I type.  If you are a fan you must try these.
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