Jan 13, 2012

Fabric Covered Notebook or Planner Getting Organized Part 3

Need an idea for something extra to add to your office set?  How about a matching fabric covered notebook or planner?  These are quick and easy to make and a cool way to jazz up a boring book.
1 notebook or planner (it needs to have a cardboard type cover-not plastic_
1 piece of material at least 1 inch bigger all the way around than the book you are using
1 piece of Wonder Under the same size as the book you are using
Double sided tape
Cardstock the size of the front and back cover (but to be used inside the book). 

1. Begin by cutting the fabric bigger than the book.  Take into account that it is going over the spine too so see the below picture to see how to include the spine in your measurement.
2. Cut a piece of Wonder Under the exact same size as the book.  I laid the book out (open) and traced along the top, the held the book up like so and traced along the top of the other cover then down the side.
3. Cut
4. Iron the Wonder Under to the fabric piece (centering it).  Peel off the paper backing.
5. Now place the fabric (adhesive side down) on the book.  Watch your placement.  Remember the adhesive should be the exact same size as the cover.  Press with and iron...yep that is right-you can do that.
6. You know how a book has that little dent where the spine is, I just used the side of my iron to press that part.  I held it up to press the spine section and then turned it over to finish the back.

7.  Open up the cover to work on the inside.  I ran a strip of double stick tape along all 3 sides of the cover and folded the fabric over (I had just barely enough fabric for this project so mine looks very sparse here but if you cut it right you should see more fabric and maybe need more tape to hold it in place.)
8.  When it came to the fabric around the spine, I ran a little bead of craft glue right along the spine (in the little space between the page binding and the cover) and then stuck the fabric down in it with a pointy object.
9. Finally I added a bit more double stick tape on the cover flaps and then attached my piece of cardstock to cover the fabric edges.
This is how my almost completed project looked up to this point.
10.  Finally I wanted to add a little label to the front.  I cut two pieces of cardstock and glued them together.  I cut a piece of Wonder Under the same size as the larger cardstock piece and ironed it on to the back.
11.  I ironed this whole piece to the front cover of the book.
12.  Using one of my labels that I printed on fabric
I traced around the label and then cut it out.
And ironed it to the center of my paper label.  Tada-finished.
I think this project would be fun for personalizing journals, recipe books, even some school books.  Lots of possibilities.
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