Feb 19, 2013

"Some Bunny" Door Hanger

I'd like to take a minute and introduce you to my brain.  It never shuts off and so when I am doing something completely normal like throwing away an empty cracker box, just as I am about to toss it into the trash I look at it once more:
and see this:
And the box is rescued and stashed away in my craft room with all the other containers that have given me a crafting vision.  It is fantastic and exhausting because I have the hardest time throwing things away-seeing what they could become.  I have way more supplies and ideas than I will ever have time to turn into creations but since I continue to pray for ideas to come I can't just brush them off and toss them.  Someday every one of the boxes will become something awesome.  You all are lucky enough to get to see this cracker boxes fate: and adorable Easter Bunny Door Hanger

 This particular project uses the 15oz size box of Great Value multigrain crackers (which p.s. are very good).  I have scaled the milk carton pattern to fit it exactly so if you choose a different size box then you might want to check the milk carton size just to make sure it fits.

Supplies for this project:
1 cracker box
scrapbook paper
spray glue
white cardstock and milk carton template (see bottom for link)
adhesive backed fun foam (white and pink)
pink chalk
black marker

1. To begin measure up from the bottom of the box 2 inches and mark all the way across the box (it is hard to see on this picture but I do have a line across the width of the box).
2. Now turn the box to it's side and mark a 2 inch mark and then a 3 inch mark and draw a line attaching the 2 dots.
3. Cut along all the marked lines, and then cut off the remaining box front leaving you with a nifty little holder.  Mark and cut out an oval shape to make it hangable (is that a word...it is now).  (NOTE: this fits over some door knobs very easily and some not so easily so keep that in mind-you may want to adjust the shape of the hanger hole-but keep it an oval-it allows the hanger to slide to one side slightly to fit on a door knob better).  After you have this done you can cut cardstock or scrapbook paper to fit over all parts of the holder.  
4. Now print (onto the white cardstock) and cut out the milk carton template x2.  Fold according to marked lines (if you notice at the top it is missing 2 angled lines but they should be there and you need to fold where they should be).  If you haven't made one of these before you might just want to make a practice one.
I hold mine together with double sided tape.
5. Using the template provided, or create your own and trace the bunny ears onto the white fun foam.
6. Cut out the ears and cut off a 1/2 inch of the backing paper on the bottom of the ear.  You want to be able to stick these to the milk carton but don't need the entire adhesive back exposed.
7. Use your pink chalk and chalk the ear middles and then embellish with tick marks around both ears (made with a black ink pen)
8. Before you staple the milk carton closed you will of course want to fill it with treats to share with your neighbors or whom ever you are giving this to.
9. Lastly add the nose (cut from pink fun foam) and draw a little face.  I also chalked my bunnies cheeks.
10. Now slip these little bunnies into their comfy box.
11. Print and add your tag and you are set to spread a little spring cheer with neighbors and friends.

Who wouldn't be thrilled to come home to find these cute little friends hanging on your door.
Making an oval opening allows you to be able to have the hanger slide more to one side to accommodate a tight door.
"Hoppy" Easter everyone.  Now go and share these with some "bunny" you love.

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  1. super cute... maybe my grand daughter and I can do this when I get back from my lazy two weeks on the Florida's Sanibel Island beaches!!

  2. I love it! So cute!! Please consider linky up to our first ever Pattern Party! Only those with free patterns to share are invited to link. Please check it out!

  3. Hi!
    I just wanted to let you know that your post will be featured later this evening on Show and Tell Saturday #6 on Sassy Little Lady! Have a great day!



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