Mar 14, 2013

Simple Burp Cloths from Baby Bath Towels

Every mom knows that not all burp cloths are created equal.  Some are cute but not big enough, or soft but not absorbent, or absorbent but not very cute.  I personally love burp cloths made from cloth diapers-they are super absorbent and big enough to cover a mom's clothes well but the only down fall to them is that they are pretty bulky.  When I was pregnant with my little man I wanted to find a way to make a cute burp cloth that was absorbent but not too thick and bulky.  I was browsing through our local thrift store when I spotted a stack of baby towels.  Then the thought came to me, "if you are wanting something absorbent-what could be more absorbent than a towel-these would make great burp cloths."  And so these were born.  I used my trusted burp cloth pattern (which I altered to make wider at the top and bottom but narrower in the middle to sit on your shoulder properly) and created these super cute burp cloths that fold up small and don't take up so much space in a diaper bag but still work wonderfully.

Here's what you will need:
1 baby bath towel (1 towel is enough to make 2 burp cloths-plus have some left over to make some wash cloths)
Fabric of your choice for the outside
Ric Rac (if desired)-I included it in the picture but didn't actually use it on my burp cloths
1. Begin by trimming the edge of the towel-this allows it to lay flat so that you can cut it easier.

2. Pin and cut your pattern on the towel (I fold mine over and cut 2 at once)
3. Pin and cut the pattern on your fabric as well.  I got this fabric from Wholeport and it is one of my favorite prints for babies by far.  They have it for an amazing deal-along with a wide variety of fabric (all at great prices).
4. Pin the two pieces (towel and fabric) right sides together and sew (leaving one opening-I do this on an end-for turning).  I used my serger but you could use a regular machine.  Be aware that the towel fabric stretches as you go.  Lots of pins will help keep things in place but I just trim off any excess that stretches out of place and in the end they turn out fine.  Just don't be alarmed if that is happening.  Proceed carefully and it will be fine in the end.
5. Turn the burp cloth right side out through the opening and press flat with an iron.  Tuck in the seam at the opening, pin in place and stitch around the entire burp cloth.  Then to hold the two pieces together I stitch from one side to the other near each end (about 6 inches from the end).
Can you see my stitching line?  Do that on both ends.
And there you have it.  Super easy.  Super cute.  Soft, absorbent, frugal.  Perfect for a baby shower gift (cause you can never have enough burp cloths).  If you have a bunch of baby towels that you no longer need-don't get rid of them.  Repurpose them and give them as gifts (I mean if they aren't stained and stuff).
I am pretty sure Martha Stewart would say, "Baby towel burp cloths-they're a good thing." 
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  1. I borrowed this burp cloth pattern from you a couple of years ago to make burp clothes for my son and daughter, and it's perfect! :)

  2. I love your blog! I been thinking about creating some baby shoes for my little girl and you've inspired me. Thank you!

  3. The pattern you have for your burp clothes is quite easy. Thank you for finding a more useful purpose on used baby bath towels and sharing it to your avid readers.

  4. Love this idea! Is your burb cloth pattern available somewhere?

    1. It is not. It is like most basic burp cloth patterns only I cut mine wider at the top and bottom-if that helps.


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