Feb 8, 2009

More Valentine Pouch Ideas

I had a couple of orders for Valentines pouches from my sister in law and her sister (thanks a million gals) so I thought I would post what I did to give you a few more ideas for what can be done with the Valentine Pouches. I bought a pack of fun foam with an adhesive backing that I took to our elementary school and cut out shapes using their die cuts. This is something you could do at a scrapbook store (many of them have die cuts you can use). They cut really well and the sticky backing made it really easy to put these together. I am impressed at how many cute things there are to do with fun foam. I always considered it a tacky craft medium but I have had a change of heart. Enjoy a few more ideas. (sorry to spoil the surprise for those who ordered these)

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  1. WOW these came out so cute, I love die cut machines. They make things go so much quicker. And I too once had distain for craft foam, now I love it! I'm in the process of making no sew versions, but maybe by next year I'll be able to make yours! They're so cute. When I post mine, which are also off a One Pretty Thing feature, I'm going to mention and link in my post to yours too along with a version I saw on Tip Junkie that is made out of fabric.

  2. Thanks Heather for making one for Morgan. She loves it. Also, the make-up bag and tissue holder are great. It fits in my purse so nicely. Thanks again for all the cute ideas.


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