Oct 11, 2009

A new room for Small fry

Small fry officially moved into her new room and big girl bed a week ago today. I was all sorts of nervous about this wondering if she would stay in bed and would she long for her crib and would we be up all night every night. It has been on my mind for a while and I wanted to make sure she was good and secure in her new room before the baby came. But much to my surprise she has adjusted so well. There has been some crying in the night, but there has also been some sleeping through the whole night. She loves her new room and all the puppies on the walls. She loves her big girl bed too. We have even somehow (knock on wood) managed to keep her binkie in her bed during the day and only have it in the morning, naps and at night. Don't ask me how that happened; I am just glad it is happening. Here is a look at the almost final (still some decorating to be done) product.

Here is a close up of the puppy border I did for her. These are just cut from cardstock and the Mod Podged onto the walls. I made a stencil to do the pink scalloped border. That is painted on. I thought that the walls needed something else after I did the puppies so I added the butterflies. Small fry has learned to "shoo shoo" almost every bug so at first she wasn't impressed with these butterflies but I told her these were good bugs and she blows them kisses now (though she blows dead bugs and dead elks and cars and choo choo trains kisses too). She's very loving.
Here is another look at some of the puppies. She just really loves puppies.
Here is one of the walls from farther back. This border goes all the way around the room. I think it is perfectly girly but not too frilly and can be there for a few years without needing to be updated.
Small fry's coat rack, hung just at her level.
Her new big girl bed. We got this at Ikea. It can pull out long into a twin bed but for now it is compacted and is about 4 feet long I think. It is big enough that I can lay down on it too by her and read her some stories. The mattress is in 3 parts and let me just tell you if you decide to get this kind of bed and mattress set up then buy the sheets at Ikea that are made in 3 parts for the mattress. I thought a regular twin sheet would be fine just tucked around and that lasted for 2 days. I then had to take the sheets off and cut them up and make my own set of 3 fitted sheets. Luckily small fry isn't into sheets so I could cut up the flat sheet and the fitted one for this project. It was pretty to easy to make my own but it is easier to just buy them also.
Curtains. I made them a bit too short so they look best tied back. I used two silk flowers that I had in my craft room and just wrapped them around the curtain as tie-backs.
A view of the other wall.
Her new dresser. This was my husbands from when he was a kid and since his family is really good at reusing and reusing, we are privileged to have it with us still. A fresh coat of paint and new knobs did just the trick.
A kid from home made this for me when he was in shop class in high school. I thought it would make a cut hat rack for small fry.
For those who have seen this room in person, I could not believe how much larger it felt as soon as we took the closet doors off. Small fry loves walking in her closet and running her fingers over the clothes hanging up.
That is it. I would like to add a few more pictures and more toy boxes and bins. I also want to add a small table and chairs so there are a still a few things to work on but I am really happy with how it turned out and how much small fry loves it. Yea for my big girl and her big girl room. Next thing you know she will be getting ready for kindergarten. YIKES!!!
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  1. My girls are so deprived--we are renting because we move all the time being military and now my husband is a student and never in one place long enough. Anyways her room is ADORABLE!! I love the dogs, and the colors. GREAT JOB!!

  2. This is so lovely! I love the pups!

  3. That border is ADORABLE!

  4. Absolutely precious! -- Tali

  5. The whole room is absolutely darling, she is a very blessed little darling. You are so clever Heather, amazing. Jessie

  6. The little dog idea rock! So cute!

  7. The room looks great. I am so glad that Allie is adjusting to her big girl bed.


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