Nov 25, 2009

And the winner is.....

Sweet pea and I got up extra early this morning to pick the winner of this giveaway (okay, lying-we are always up at 6am). Thanks to all who entered-wish I could make all of you one of these books. Small fry is still in bed so she missed out on picking our winner today. But hopefully you have seen enough of my giveaways to know that it is totally fair and unbiased (unlike every jr. high and high school election I was a part of-no bitterness there).
Here are all the entries
Here they are ready to be picked-sweet pea waiting patiently in the background
And the winner is.....
ABZ- you are the winner!!!! Congrats to you. Please send me an e-mail at thecanuck8athotmaildotcom or leave a comment with your e-mail so I can get your address. If you can get it to me today that would be great and I will put your book in the mail.
Thanks again to everyone for entering. Happy Thanksgiving to all.
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