Nov 29, 2009

Attention, Attention

I have not yet heard from the winner of my giveaway and the purpose of having the drawing when I did was to get the prize to someone before December. Well that will likely not be possible now but if I have not heard anything by tomorrow afternoon (November 30th) I am drawing again for a new winner so stay tuned people and if it is you let me know your contact info ASAP and hopefully you will be able to get some use out of the countdown book.
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  1. oh man... sucks for them but YIPPPPPEEEE for me!!!!

  2. Yes!! I still have a chance--lol!!

  3. I hope I win this time! :)

  4. I am so sorry!!!! I am such a nerd!!! I just emailed you! I can hardly wait!!! We may miss the first day or so but it will still be so fun!!! My little family is just gonna love it! Thank you so much!!! :)


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