Dec 30, 2009

Snowman Thank you's

Now that Christmas is over it is time to think about Thank You notes. I have always vowed to be diligent in sending out Thank You's but I must admit I don't do nearly as good as I want to. I used to send a thank you note out to people who sent me a thank you note (okay so that was when I was a single teacher, living alone in Jordan Montana, population 200). I am not that proficient anymore. Anyway there are still a few winter months before us (arrrghhh) and so what better inspiration for a Thank You card than a snowman. Snowmen are not just for Christmas, they can live on long into February and I intend to make good crafty use out of these jolly cold fellows. Here is one of two types of Snowman Thank you cards I came up with this year.

You will start with a piece of white cardstock (regular size 8.5x11). Fold both sides in to the middle (I call it hamburger style meaning the short sides)
Should look like this (in case you are still confused about which way, the height of this is 8.5".
Now cut down the center in between the two flaps so that you end up with 2 long, skinny cards like this.
To make the top of the snowman, round the corners of the top of the card. Mine was 5.5" tall. I free handed my curved corners. They are going to be hidden under his hat so it doesn't have to be perfect. Then cut through both layers of the card on this line.
Next make his hat. Again I free handed a black hat. I like things to be sort of rustic looking so I didn't worry about perfect dimensions. My philosophy on making really cute crafts is: don't try and make something that is not real, have realistic features. If it isn't alive, then don't try and make it look alive. Make it look cute.
Embellish the hat if you wish. I added a piece of adhesive ribbon.
Attach hat to the top and front of the card with a piece of double sided tape.
Now for his face. I drew on his eyes and mouth with a fine point black pen. Again here is where it is really handy to not try and make him look realistic. Don't make the eyes evenly spaced and large, make them small and crooked, the dots for the mouth don't have to be the same size or evenly spaced. The nose is cut from a piece of fun foam but paper would work too. I used chalk for the cheeks.
Now to add his scarf. Make a slit using an exacto knife just inside and towards the front of the card by the fold. The slit should be just wide enough for your fabric to pull through. Tear a long strip of fabric for the scarf and thread it through.
Like this. This is the card being held open. You put the fabric through from the front of the card, through the slit and around the back side of the front of the card
Then tie it in a knot on the side like this.
Lastly add some buttons. I used the eraser on my pencil as a stamp for my buttons.
Inside I stamped "Thanks Snow Much".

And thanks snow much to all of you readers for a great year!!!
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Dec 29, 2009

Christmas Morning

As most bloggers know, a successful blog is largely based on good photography (well I guess that isn't the case with all blogs but with with craft blogs and tutorials and such good photography plays a huge part in the success of what you publish). And so blogs can be deceiving sometimes because we don't have to post pictures of the batch of cookies that burned, or the sewing project that failed or the pictures of our children completely hating the new "darling" outfit we made for them. I don't think I have given off the impression that we have a perfect world here at Small Fry and Co but just in case you were thinking that everything must run as smooth as silk all the time I thought I would let you in on a behind the scenes look at what it takes to get a good Christmas morning picture.

The scene: our living room, Christmas morning. A great chance to get a picture of Small Fry and Sweet Pea together.

The Action: well see for yourself....

Not a bad start

This is not the direction we were wanting to go

Sweet pea saying "save me, save me"

Small fry "I got her" Sweet Pea, "oh no"

"I'll show you big sister who is the boss around here"

"Get back to your side"

"Finally a moment of peace. I think my arm may be dis-jointed"

"Oh dear, she's back"

And finally a usable shot.

When I take pictures of the girls I just snap as many as I can get in the minute or two small fry will sit still and hope that one will work. I usually only post the one that looks cute and sweet. Now you see what it takes to get there. Don't worry, no one was injured in the taking of these pictures.

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Dec 21, 2009

Snowman Candy Bars

UPDATE: Here is the link

It is late, both in the hour and in the month but I wanted to get this posted. I needed to make a gift for my husband's basketball team girls. I have always seen those big huge Symphony Candy Bars and thought that there had to be something cute that I could make with them. Then I saw this snowman idea on a blog and knew that would be perfect. I apologize profusely because I promised myself I would remember where I saw it and link there because they had a download for a wrapper already made and now I can't for the life of me find where I saw the idea. Anyone know where I saw this idea? Please let me know. This is not my idea. I just thought I would share a tutorial with the measurements for this size candy bar for anyone else that might want to make one this size.

You will need:
1 piece of white paper (I used computer paper) 7 6/8 x 11
1 piece fabric 9 1/2 x 5 for the hat
1 piece fabric 1" x 15"

Wrap your paper around your candy bar and tape it on the back side.
Place your hat fabric, right side facing down, on your table. Place the candy bar in the center and down like this.
Wrap the fabric around the candy bar and glue in place. I used a dab of hot glue.
Overlap the other side and glue.
Tie top off with a piece of string or ribbon.
Tie scarf around candy bar. Trim ends.
Cut carrot nose out of fun foam or felt and attach.
Draw in eyes and mouth with pen, use chalk for cheeks and stamp buttons with a pencil eraser. TADA!!
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Christmas Dresses

My husband's Aunt bought these dresses for the girls. I am glad she did for 2 reasons:
# 1 I wouldn't have ever bought them just because I wouldn't have allowed myself to think it was okay for me to buy Christmas dresses and not make them and
#2 because I didn't get any Christmas dresses made and therefore they wouldn't have had any.
Small Fry loved, loved, loved it. She kept going around the house saying, "Cristimis"

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Hot Chocolate on a Stick

So here is my version of Hot Chocolate on a Stick (recipe here).

I put a marshmallow on my stick prior to putting it in my chocolate in my ice cube tray. After the chocolate hardened in the refrigerator I dipped them in white chocolate and then in crushed candy canes.
I packaged them up in sets of 2 and 4. Don't they look delicious? I wish I had some left over to give to myself.
Now a comment about the recipe:
When I made it it was super thick like almost playdough thick. I had a really hard time stirring it and I didn't get a single drop of water in it. I still put it in a plastic bag and piped it into my ice cube tray but I probably could have just broke off little chunks and put it in there. But it turned out just fine and smooth and beautiful. So if you make it and yours is really thick don't panic or add anything to it.
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Cookies For Santa Kit

I saw the original idea for this Cookies for Santa Kit here. For mine I used a #10 can from my food storage. I decorated the outside with scrapbook paper attached with double sided tape. You could get all sorts of creative with this, I didn't have a lot of time when I put mine together so I had to keep it pretty simple.

I stamped the words to a piece of cardstock cut to fit the lid and added some buttons.
This is what I put inside. Target had these cookie cutter sets and sprinkles sets for $2.50 each. I thought they were a steal and not overly cheap looking for a cheap price. The sprinkle set came with 5 different containers in it by the way, but I used 3 for other projects. I added a note that said, "Here is a kit to help you make Santa some cookies for Christmas Eve. I hear he likes extra frosting and sprinkles."
It turned out really cute and was really easy and not that expensive. A great gift idea for neighbors and friends.
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Dec 18, 2009

Some other crafty women

Whenever I find a blog or website that catches my attention or makes me say, "that is soooo cute" I add it to my favorites list and then I check it ever few days (well I used to, now it is whenever I have time). But I am always on the look out for new favorites. When I am searching for new blogs the first place that I turn to are the blogs I already check. Many have their favorites listed on their sidebars. I search through these for new inspiration. Well I have some of my most favorite favorites listed on my sidebar and when I get a chance I try and update it. So tonight I added some of my new favorites just in case any of you out there are looking for some new inspiration and have not found these wonderful women.
Check out:
Brown Paper Packages
Simply Complicated
The Idea Room
Lu Bird Baby
Creative Itch
Craftaholics Anonymous
How Does She
Blue Cricket Design
And in case any of these great women ever look at my meager blog, keep up the great work ladies. I am lovin' it.
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What day is it part 2

People do you realize that Christmas is next week? Like how did that happen? I guess I better stop planning what I am going to bake for our neighborhood goodie plates and actually get them made. Good thing my husband had the foresight to throw tape in his cart the other day during a joint shopping trip to Walmart seeing as how my last trip there was a complete bust. Otherwise we would be gluing the paper to the packages this year.

Today I spent the whole day looking for small fry's new Dora cup. Could not find it any where. My husband informed me tonight that it is in the dish drainer. That would be why I faintly remember washing it this morning.

Small fry turned 20 months old the other day. 20 in 4 months away from being 2 years old. Now how did THAT happen.

The other day at a funeral someone asked me how old sweet pea was. I looked at her with a blank stare and finally said, "umm, I don't know" my husband then chimed in that she was 6 weeks old that day. I was still thinking she was 4 weeks old.

The other morning my husband came in after his shower and I half opened one eye and he said, "I started a fire, small fry is still sleeping and I have to be to my meeting in 5 minutes." I responded with a groggy, "what day is it?"

No, I am not getting enough sleep!
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Neighborhood Gift Idea

If you are looking for a fun, easy and pretty neighborhood gift idea check these out. I made some as part of our gifts. I will post them in a few days. Don't let the instructions scare you. They seem confusing at first glance but read through them and you will see that they are really pretty easy. My chocolate turned out really thick but it still sets up really nice. My husband and I did a taste test run. The recipe says to mix one ice cube sized chocolate piece into 3/4 cup of water or milk. We both thought this was way to rich. I would definitely use a full cup next time. And it needed marshmallows (wait until you see how I solved that problem). Anyway I totally love this idea and with all the cute ice cube molds you can find these days the possibilities are endless.
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I need therapy

You know how you get to a point where you just need to do something for yourself or you feel like you will lose your mind? Maybe for you it is reading, blogging, cooking, watching tv, or exercising. You know; your therapy. Well for me it is crafting. And I need it...weekly to help me stay sane. Well this was last weeks therapy project, I just haven't had time to post it until today. My husband said he didn't really need to go to the basketball game tonight and I said, "oh yes you do and you need to take small fry with you because I need to blog (my other therapy)."
I just felt like I had to get one more Christmas craft project done before the big day. I have been dragging this garland around with me for years and finally decided I had to make it into something. So here is what I did.
My brother had given me this fun foam pack that he used last year that still had a few unused gingerbread men in it. I was assembling those hoping they would inspire me in some way and I got the idea for this garland.

To make my own gingerbread cookies I traced cookie cutters on a piece of brown fun foam. I also used trees, hearts and stars.
Here are all my "cookies"
Here is what small fry did while I was doing this. Don't worry the frazzled look on her face is not because she is malnourished or not taken care of. She just didn't want to be disturbed for a picture. She was actually playing in her corner quite nicely during this craft therapy session.
Next I wanted to decorate my cookies. To do this I traced the figures onto another piece of fun foam. In this case I wanted to make a dress for my gingerbread girl. I traced her body onto a piece of white fun foam. (In this picture the cookie piece is white also because I traced it onto a piece of fun foam that had an adhesive backing on it)
This is what it looked like when I was done tracing.
I then cut it into a dress shape. I also glued small ric rac to the hands and feet of all my ginger people with hot glue.
Then I added a face with a permanent marker and used some of the embellishments from the fun foam pack to decorate. You could easily make your own embellishments or use buttons and ribbon.
Here are all my finished people.
Another close up.
To make the frosting for the other shaped cookies I again traced the cookie piece onto another piece of fun foam.
I then cut it out but instead of cutting on my tracing line I cut inside it. I then glued it to my cookie piece like this.
I used extra fun foam pieces to decorate.
Next to make the letters to spell "Treats for Santa" I used some chip board letters that I had on hand and just painted them red. While the final coat of paint was still wet I sprinkled them with clear glitter.
I traced a circle for each letter on another piece of fun foam and cut them out. I punched a hole in the top with a hole punch and used a permanent marker to draw a dotted line around the edge. I then glued my letters to the circle. I used hot glue to do this.
Before putting anything on my garland I wove a strand of clear Christmas lights through the center of the garland. My lights weren't long enough to go along the whole thing so I folded the garland in half and my strand of lights in half and found the center of each and then wove the strand of lights down each side of the garland out from the center. Instead of gluing the letters on I just wove a piece of the garland through the hole on the circle and bent the wire.
I glued all my cookie pieces down the sides of the garland. I also glued some old peppermint sticks we have had in our candy drawer in between the cookies. Then at the last minute I added a few bows as well. I attached all of these things with my trusty glue gun. Here is one side.
The center.
And the other side.
Here is what it looks like from a distance.
And in the dark.
Another great craft made with fun foam and I finally used that garland. It was some much needed therapy. I can't believe how much better I feel if I just stop, do a little project for myself and then get back to life. I am not ashamed to admit I need therapy.
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