Oct 3, 2010

All is right in the world

Just yesterday I was in the kitchen washing dishes while my girls were on the other side of the room playing together-perfectly content. Let me repeat that-they were playing together while I was washing the dishes. Something so simple and probably for so many moms a totally normal activity but for me it was a miracle. I have rarely had any time to myself to just do my mom duties without children under my feet or attached to my leg or begging for something in probably 10 months. There was no TV on, the girls just played. Once the dishes were done I moved on and peeled apples for a pie. I think I did my own thing without interruption or having to say a word to my girls for 15 minutes. I almost wanted to cry. The other morning I had prayed that since it seemed like I could never get anything done without some sort of circus going on under my feet that instead of wanting it to go away or getting frustrated and mad I would just be able to learn to love cooking spread eagle style-carefully stepping over children, blankets, pots, pans etc (the menagerie). But on this particular day I guess I was just extra blessed and all was right and heavenly in my home for 15 minutes. Progress.
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  1. that is amassing never happens here but we are working on it to.

  2. That's so cute. They are growing up, it just happens. Fun.

  3. Wow, I can't wait for that. My toddler loves to help me cook, and my baby just loves me to hold her. Dinner is always a challenge.

  4. It is nice to know there are other moms that have kids that are always at their feet. I thought maybe something was wrong with mine-like they didn't know how to play. Whew!!!

  5. Oh, wow. That IS a miracle! Wish I was that blessed around my house!


    P.S. I am absolutely in love with your blog! Love your tutorials!


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