Nov 10, 2010

Blog questions

Ahhh if only I had the time to devote to blogging that I wish I could have. I listened to an interview with mommy bloggers about how to make your blog better and they said you should post every day. I can not imagine being able to do that or having something to post about every day. Any how. Question for you: I am looking for someone to help me make over Small Fry and Co. I would like to give my blog an update and make it a bit more clean and add some fun drop down menus etc. This is not something I have time for or could figure out on my own. Can any one recommend someone who does this or maybe you do this? I have no idea where to look for help. Second I have thought of this for a long time: does anyone know of a place that publishes this type of a blog (like in book form)? I have looked into Blurb but unless I had them custom make it the process was a nightmare because I have so many pictures. I have also heard of another place (can't think of the name right now) but basically the same thing for my type of blog (with tutorials and stuff) I have so many pictures -they want to put only 3 or 4 pictures to a page and it would take I don't know how many books. So I was just wondering if anyone had heard of anything else out there. When I look back at my own blog I am surprised at some of the stuff I have done and would love a keepsake of it somehow but I am wondering if it is even possible. There has got to be something. Just wondering.
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  1. Hello! I just had a blog facelift and was really happy with my experience. I worked with Carrie who owns I highly recommend her. I gave her lots of info, she asked and answered lots of questions, and she continued to tweak things until I was 100% happy. I am super-technologically challenged, and she has helped me understand how to arrange things myself. If you have any questions, please let me know. Good luck, and I can't wait to find out about the blog publishing. I really want to do that too!

  2. Hey, just a thought, please, Please, PLEASE don't add music. I can't stand when music starts playing as I'm reading a blog.

  3. Check with my sister. She does web design for a living.
    Good luck in your quest! :)

  4. will make your blog into a book and they have great customer service they rock!!

  5. I just did a blog book through Cutest Blog on the block. It is with blog2print as mentioned above, but they seem to have a few different cover-looks to choose from on each site. Same prices though. So fun!


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