Oct 10, 2011

Make Ahead Monday: Decorative Sugar

I got inspired for this project from this cookbook that my Uncle Doug bought for me.  Have you ever seen these books (there is 2 of them)?  They are ADORABLE and so inspiring and it is all done with stuff the average Jane has in the kitchen unlike pretty much everything Martha comes up with (no offense to Martha-I love her just the same even though she is totally impractical for average America).  Well anyway in this book it shows you how to make colored sugar.  Being the skeptic that I am I couldn't believe it was actually possible so I tried it and guess what....it works and not only does it work it is FABULOUS, FABULOUS, FABULOUS!!!!!.
I wanted to create some cookies that had a bit of a sparkly look to them (to add to my spider plates) and this sugar was perfect!!!
Here is what I did. 
I put a scoop of sugar in a zip lock bag. I didn't measure-just remember that a little goes a long way so you really don't need to make that much.  I only had gel food coloring in my house but it worked perfect so no worries.
 Add a couple of drops of food coloring to the bag.
 Mush and squish the bag until the color is dispersed. (this is a good job for kids)
 Then spread it out on a plate to dry (this doesn't take very long).
 Once you make one you won't be able to stop-it is just too cool.
 Now for the cookie part.  I made sugar cookies and baked them until they were golden on the edges.  I wanted the cookies to be crisp.  Let them cool completely.  Now in order to get the sugar to stick you need to put something sticky on the cookies.  I made a simple glaze (powdered sugar, milk and vanilla).  Spoon the glaze over cookies and coat the top completely.  Work in small batches (like 4-5 cookies).  Glaze them and then wait a few minutes for the glaze to begin to set up.  You don't want it to dry completely but you also don't want it to be too runny.  When it is just right spoon the colored sugar over the cookie.
 Here is my trusty assistant helping with the sugar.  I think she spooned one and then spent the rest of the time licking her fingers, the spoon, the counter and the plate.  (P.S.-as a side note-this picture totally gives away the fact that I am not living in a color coordinated, designer inspired home.  Pretty sure most designers don't have deer mounts as a decoration).
 And here is the finished product.  No frosting is needed, they are plenty sweet with the glaze and the sugar and I love the "sparkly" look to them. 
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  1. You are awesome! Thank you for sharing that! I am almost out of some of my favorite color sugars. Yet, I am trying really hard to use what I have and not go to Michaels or someplace like that. It's just so much easier to avoid over spending when I don't even walk in the door. Coupon or no coupon!

  2. What a great idea! I think I might need that book. I love the colored sugar. I'll have to try it with my kiddos. Thank you for sharing!

  3. I love this idea and had a try just a few minutes ago...I LOVE the result !!!
    Think I'll take it to school for decorating christmams cookies at December, 1st at baking and crafting day...think the kids will love it too !!!

    I also love the idea putting the sugar onto the cupcake frosting...thanks so much !!!

    Greetings from Germany, Marina.


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