Jul 6, 2012

100% Sugar Onesie

I was searching for some onesie ideas the other day and came across one that just had the words 100% sugar on it.  Then as I was looking for clip art to make appliques for the onesies I thought of cotton candy and thus this sweet little outfit was born.
 It is a cotton candy onesie with a matching pink tu tu. 
What do you think?  Is it too much?
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  1. Too much... perhaps. But only in the "too cute I can't stand it" or "too cute I wanna eat that baby girl up" kinda way!!!

    I would put my little princess in an outfit like that without hesitation... but I would certainly worry about eating her up!! :)

  2. Oh my yes too much! Too much for a mom of 4 boys! Quite certain I couldn't get any of them in that darling too cute outfit!

  3. I looks really cute but wouldn't that fuzz ball/ice cream / cotton candy ball thingy drive a little kid crazy!! I'd be inclined to applique a minky fabric one.

    1. yes Bettina but minky wouldn't have nearly the fluffy effect. It is for a 3-6 month old so quite possibly they would find the texture interesting. It is one of those things that I think my own mom would say would drive her insane but moms of tiny babies can get away with even if it is for just one special occasion. Thanks for the opinion though.

  4. Love it!!!! If I had a little girl, I would buy it :)

    Beth Gentry from NC


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