Jul 10, 2012

Do it Yourself Art Center for Kids

My girls are at an age where I can trust them to write and draw on a paper rather than all over the house and right now it is one of their favorite things.  I decided that it was time for me to throw caution to the wind and just let the art supplies be where they can be used.  Part of that came from talking to my mom who has been finding all sorts of different art and craft supplies she had for us when we were kids that she was always "saving" for just the right project.  Now she is wondering what she ever saved it for-why didn't she just let us use it?  That got me thinking.  I have tons of stuff in my craft room that I have been stock piling and for what?  Why not clear out some of my space and just let my girls have the stuff?  Who cares if it all gets used in a few days.  I have more and so does the dollar store.  Who cares if they right on a paper once and throw it away or glue one thing to it and call it a masterpiece.  The fact is that they are exploring and creating and I would much rather have my children be creative than be good at a sport, or dance or even reading.  So I created this little art center for them while they were gone one day. 
 I had found this piece of peg board at a thrift store a few months ago and finally decided that this is where is needed to go.
 I found this card box at the thrift store and turned it into the paper station.  I filled it with scraps of colored paper and note books, envelopes, paper dolls and writing paper.  Below are jars of pom poms, buttons and craft sticks.
 I used a few pegs to hang scissors and bags of chipboard letters and decorations, some foam stickers and paper flowers (all stuff that was just taking up space).
 I bought these cups for a dollar for a set of 4.  They are attached with zip ties to the peg board.  Below are two baskets: one for glue and one for stickers.
The whole project cost me around $20.00 and is so well worth it.  It will take some getting used to with the girls remembering to put things back but if I can learn to relax and just let them create and play then it will be one of the best things I have ever created for my kids.
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  1. What a great space! Who wouldn't want to create in it?
    BUT don't downplay reading.... it's super important in this world and the doorway to even more creativity!!

  2. This is awesome! Not only do I want something like this for my kids, I want it for ME! :)


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