Jan 31, 2013

DIY Little Guy Chunky Tie

There are a lot of little boy tie tutorials out there and they all have really cute results...but do they have a model as cute as mine?
Well these ties are not only adorable but they are really easy to make.
You will need:
1 mens size neck tie (tied-I had my hubby do this)
1 piece of elastic 7 inches long
1 alligator clip
Begin with a tied necktie.
Measure down 8 1/2" from the knot and cut straight across
Also cut off the part that goes around the neck leaving 4 inches on each side.
Now open up the tie to expose the inside lining and cut off about 2 inches.  This makes it easier to fold.

Serge or zig zag stitch the bottom.
With the tie facing front side down fold back the bottom of the tie (where you just cut and sewed it) to fold a point.  Pin it in place.

Flip it over to make sure that the point is centered and the sides look even.
Before sewing it in place make sure that the narrow end of the tie is not longer than the wide part.  In my picture you see that the narrow end is longer than the wider part.
I trimmed off 1 inch and serged the end.  If it was shorter than I would have just left it as it was.
Now using a needle and thread hand sew the folds down (being careful not to let your stitches show through on the front).
Then bring your needle up from the back side of the narrow piece.
Make a few stitches in place to hold this piece down.
Now we are going to finish the neck part.  This is probably the hardest part of the whole thing.  Start by exposing the inner lining once again and cut off 1 inch.  Then fold in the ends of the cut neck pieces and pin.  I found it tricky to get everything to stay in place but finally got it.

Stick your piece of elastic in the opening of this end, pin again and stitch straight across catching the elastic).
Fold the other end around the alligator clip and stitch.  Now repeat the process of exposing the lining, folding in the ends, pinning and stitching on the other neck piece (only this time you will not sew in a piece of elastic).
And that is it.  Easy.  It is easy to put on, it doesn't pull off, it is not super stretchy so it doesn't flip back in your child's face and....
they make for fantastic baby entertainment during church or other functions.

The little guy chunky tie-the perfect accessory for your handsome little boy.

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