Feb 13, 2013

5 Dollar Savings Plan-Works For us Wednesday

Have you heard about this-the $5.00 savings plan?  I read about it on Pinterest.  The concept is that every time a $5.00 bill comes into your possession you put it away (in an envelope, jar, box, piggy bank-whatever).  That is it.  That is the savings plan.  Now, it's not like you are going to be able to retire doing this, or send a kid to college doing this but this is the perfect savings plan for things like vacations, buying Christmas gifts, a home renovation project, or to purchase a big ticket item.  My husband and I started doing this last fall and in only about 4 months had enough saved to buy all of the gifts for our kids for Christmas plus have some left over.  We don't carry a lot of cash, so we don't even always see $5.00 bills that much, but when we get one we put it right in our jar.  I don't even count it as being part of my cash.  I just stash it.  It doesn't add up overnight, so don't get tempted to count this weekly or anything but after a few months dump it and you might just be surprised how much you have.  What are we saving for this year?  We don't know yet but when we finally figure it out we will have a nice little stash to use.  Try it-it is a great extra savings plan to do right in your own home.  This would be great for kids or teens who have jobs.
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  1. Thank you I have been using the envelope system since you posted it - not always perfect but it has made us more aware of the money we have and we think more before we spend - this will be a great addition to that


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