Feb 11, 2013

Doily Heart Banner

In my latest package from Wholeport  were two bags of small heart doilies.  I knew I needed to use them some how before Valentines Day but with time running out what could I make?  I think what I came up with is beautiful, simple and sweet and not necessarily a Valentines only project.  This would be cute for a baby shower or wedding too.  It is a heart doily and fabric flag banner.

I strung the doilies onto a piece of twine and then added small fabric flags in between.  The flags are attached with a few simple stitches at the top-sewn with my sewing machine, right to the twine (glue would work too). The whole project took about 25 minutes (with cutting the fabric flags taking the longest).  I draped it over some family pictures (in great need of updating I might add) in our hallway.  I discovered that I just don't have any good places in my house to display these types of banners and yet I keep making them.  Man do I ever need a mantle.  Anyway like I said these would be cute along a table edge, hanging over a bed, on a mantle, across a window, or along the edge of pews (like at a wedding).  Wherever you hang it, it is a simple and beautiful way to dress up an area for a lovey occasion.
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