Feb 9, 2013

DIY Love Letters from a Cereal Box

I know, I know in the craft blogging world all Valentines Day projects should have been posted long before now but in the world of Small Fry & Co I seriously am just getting to a few last minute Valentines Day projects and since my goal is to keep things real on this blog I wouldn't want you to be led to believe I have everything done for each holiday at least 1 month in advance.  So here is my last minute V-day project but it is not a 30 minute craft so I wouldn't put it off til the night before.  I used the ideas from this tutorial I found on how to make monogram letters out of a cereal box. 
I fully intended to show you how I created the letters ( I even left one blank from last nights crafting to this morning so I could photograph all the steps) but then I got talking on the phone and crafting (cause I multipurpose like that) and totally forgot to take any pictures.  So the only thing I had left was the heart.  I drew all my own shapes (but you could make your own templates on the computer).  Mine are only 1 inch wide also, but the width could be anything you want.  And since I intended to cover mine (using wrapping paper) my pieces are all held together with duct tape.  So go to the link and check out the basic idea and then come back so I can show you what I did to cover the pieces.

Start with your shape, or letter-held together by LOTS of duct tape.
 Spray one side with spray glue and stick to the back side of your paper.  For the heart I used scrapbook paper but for the letters I used wrapping paper.  Cut the paper about a 1/2 inch bigger than the shape or letter.
 Next if the piece has any curves you will want to make little snips all the way around on the paper.
I put a piece of double sided tape along the shape next to the edge and then folded in all the little pieces.  You are going to cover the sides in the end so it doesn't really matter how they look in this step.
 Repeat the process on the other side.  Now to finish the edge put a strip of paper the same width as the shape, spray it with spray glue and then press all the way around the shape.
 Make sure to press down firmly and smooth out any wrinkles.

I sprayed mine again with spray glue and then glittered the heart on both sides.
Here is the finished set.  They are not perfect but they turned out cute and they were cheap.  I don't think I would attempt to spell "Christmas" this way but for a single letter or a short word, I think this method has some nice possibilities.  I think I "love" this idea actually.

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  1. How fun! I have seen these before and wanted to try them...probally not for V-Day this year (I still have a few projects of my own I want to get done this week) but maybe another holiday.


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