Jan 18, 2011

Snowman Sew Along Day 2

Today on the sew along we are going to make the snowman's arms, coat and hat.
1. Start by marking a dot on each side of the snowman body where you want the arms to be.  I made mine about an 1 ½” below the neck. 

 2. Snip a small hole on the dot.  Repeat on the other side. 

 3. Now slide your dowel through from one side to the other (it is a bit tricky to get it through the second side because it gets caught on the batting inside so just keep wiggling and working it through).  Once you have the dowel even on both sides of the snowman secure it in place by running a bead of hot glue around the dowel where it meets the fabric.  This will also keep your hole that you cut from ripping any more.
4. Now the really fun part begins-dressing him.  Start with the coat.  The first thing I did was grabbed one of Small Fry’s coats (size 2T) and tried it on my snowman.  I decided the arms were longer than I wanted and I wanted my snowman’s coat to be longer than hers was.  
 With this in mind I laid out my piece of felt (folded in half so it is now 20 x 30) and spread Small Fry’s coat on top.  I roughly traced around the arms and body of her coat making my arms shorter and the body of the coat longer. 

 I then cut this out.  This gives you two solid pieces. 

 I cut the top one in half so that I would have an opening to the coat. (Sorry the picture is a bit dark, I was running out of daylight at this point).
5. Pin the arm and body edges together and sew with a ¼” seam. 
 (showing my seam)
6. Turn right side out and try on the snowman again (no you didn’t miss the scarf part yet-he just looked even cuter with it for this picture).  Mark any adjustments you might want to make then take his coat off again to adjust and/or decorate.
7. For decorations on the coat I added a front pocket on one side, I added two large black buttons at the top and I sewed a ¼” seam all around the edge of the coat.  After finishing that I decided I wanted some sort of collar so I folded down the front corners around the neck, pinned them in place and stitched them down.  Then I dressed my snowman again. (this picture is showing the turned down collar-I was really out of day light and my craft room lighting is terrible so I knew I had to stop but I just couldn't yet).

8. Hat: cut two pieces of felt 9 ½ x 8” (this was left over after I cut out the coat).  Turn them right sides together. 

 9. Sew a ¼” seam down each side.  Trim with pinking shears if desired.  Turn right side out. 
 10. Fold up about 1” on the bottom of the hat –run a bead of glue under it to hold it in place.  Tie a piece of black embroidery floss around the top to form the top pom pom. 

 11. Glue to snowman’s head.

Join us tomorrow as we finish him up by adding a scarf, mittens and a garland.

To go to the instructions for days 1 or 3 click here:

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