Jan 14, 2011

What lurks in dark damp corners

The other day my sister in law posted that she had updated her blog.  I jumped over to see what she had written.  She blogged about getting organized thanks to A Bowl Full of Lemons 21 day home organizing challenge.  So I jumped over to find out about it.  I can describe it as inspirational, motivational and not overwhelming so I decided I needed to join the challenge.  I was behind but the areas she covered already were mostly organized in my house so I just had to do a bit of catching up.  (P.S. for anyone else that wants to do this but didn't start right at the beginning-jump on board.  Start today getting clean and organized)  First I had to clean under my sink.  That didn't take too long (I try and do routine cleanings of most areas, minus my craft room, on a regular basis).  Next was the linen closet-this was fun for me because my hubby was gone and the kids were asleep so I filled a garbage bag and tossed it and it felt wonderful.  Nothing like a good purging to sooth the spirits.  It wasn't a disaster in the first place but I LOVE it even more now.  That led to my dresser drawers where I once again pitched and purged.  In my all my purging I was in need of more trash bags and I usually have some stashed in a corner behind my dresser so I went to dig one of those out and what should I find hiding behind my book shelf...MOLD; fuzzy, black mold.  Now that makes me sound like I must be a slob who never cleans because how could I possibly have mold growing in my room and not even know it.  But that is not true because I clean my house weekly-vacuum, dust, do laundry, wash floors, clean mirrors and windows and clean bathrooms.  But one thing I don't do regularly is move big pieces of furniture to see what is lurking behind.  Ya well you better believe I unloaded that bookshelf and did a thorough disinfecting/vacuuming.  My husband came home late that night so I told him what I had found and we decided we better move more furniture just in case.  You know how it is (or maybe you all move your bed and dressers all the time) you move into a home, you arrange your furnishings and you leave em there and you clean on top of them and around them but you don't regularly pull everything out.  Well we pulled out our bed-more mold.  We moved my husbands dresser- more mold.  We headed to pumpkins room-mold behind the rocking chair and her change table.  Luckily after that we found no more mold but we did rearrange every room and disinfect everything.  Life lesson people: I guess the age old, thorough "spring deep cleaning" isn't such a bad idea after all.  I am going to be a furniture moving fool now.
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  1. Oh Heather, I am so sorry! That is just the pits when you find not so wonderful things like that.


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